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Why is Let's Be Whole so passionate about wellness?


Established in 2015 by actress-producer-humanitarian, Nina Womack, Let’s Be Whole delivers complementary and integrative health solutions to underrepresented populations.

Some of our wellness programs includes; nutritional food security and sustainable agriculture, mind-body practices, holistic education, self-management tools, expressive arts therapies, peer mental health support and herbal therapies.

We provide access to free healthy foods, information about ancient healing practices, naturopathic medicine referrals, and modern medical knowledge to support people on their own personal, self-care journey to total health.

As a Peer-operated organization, we are compassionate, respectful, culturally, linguistically and age appropriate with a goal to foster a naturopathic balance for our participants mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Our Food Distribution Schedule

Updated Feb. 2021

Everyone is welcome to Let’s Be Whole’s food distribution program offered 3 days a week throughout Los Angeles. No income requirements or residency needed. We provide a wide variety of options from the 5 food groups.

Although we advocate a plant-based diet and offer lots of veggies, fruits, and vegan grocery items, we do distribute a limited amount meat options as received from our donors.

Help us reduce global warming by helping yourself to the surplus groceries that we recover. First come, first serve. Must wear mask.

Some of our past events & workshops

We’ve been busy bringing health & wellness to vulnerable communities who need it most. Check out some of our past initiatives!


A. Kinney,

Retreat Attendee

I have to say Miss Nina Womack you changed my life. Thank you for The Womens For Wellness day. Your story is similar to mine. And you are doing great things for womens wellness. I expecailly liked the exhibit on the chakras and crystals. It opened up my eyes to a new way of wellness and spiritual healing.


I took alot from the program. I am on a journey of self discovery and healing. I reside in a sex trafficking sheltor. I have been through so much abuse and self harm and I wish to heal. Programs like yours is so important for the survival for victims of abuse.


I really feel like your wellness day gave me a boost of positive energy that I needed to carry on with my life. The testimonials were so powerful. I have too suffered from homelessness and seeing that the speakers have been through so much and have been able to make their lives stable is trully a blesing.


I am honored to have been apart of your wellnes day. Please keep me informed of any events in the future Miss Nina Womack. I love you and thank you from all my heart.

Dear Nina,


Thank you so much for inviting me to the Wellness Women’s Retreat on Friday, June 21st. I apologize that I had to leave the event a little early and was unable to tell you goodbye.


The retreat was so memorable and I will remember it for a lifetime.


I also really enjoyed listening to “your” story.


I would love to volunteer with your organization in the near future. I could see myself being a greeter at one of your events.





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LBW Mobile Food Pantry

Our South L.A. Weekly Food Bank - Athens district

One-on-one Alternative Wellness Coaching

Get your group motivated to be healthy

We organize natural wellness fairs, retreats, workshops, and health parties

Health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve their health. That’s why we create health promotion activities aimed at strengthening and improving well-being for the underserved. Our programs based in diversity and inclusion also uses the power of media to enhance teaching and learning to complement traditional approaches to learning.

Self-management Programs Complements Clinical Treatment

Our low-cost, self-management workshops can complement your clinical treatments and help chronic disease patients learn to live happier, healthier lives.  Evidence-based, self-management education programs have been proven to significantly help people with chronic diseases.

Together with clinical care, these programs teach participants how to exercise and eat properly, use medications appropriately, solve everyday problems, and communicate effectively with family members and health care providers— all positive life skills to enhance well-being.

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    Check out our Holistic Wellness Plans

    When it comes to your overall holistic health, we offer specific plans



    4 Nutrition & Fitness Sessions
    Diagnostic Tests & Health Assessments
    Customized to your needs
    Lose excess weight & gain nutrition info
    Follow up



    4 Mindfulness Sessions
    Basic Yoga Plan
    Weekly meetings
    Group Support Sessions



    Understanding Your Higher Power
    Journaling & Creative Writing
    Grief Counseling
    Trauma Care

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