About Us

Helping you on your holistic wellness journey!

Let’s Be Whole is a peer-operated, integrative whole-person, healthcare solution addressing; mind-body wellness, nutrition security, and mental health support to the most vulnerable populations who need it most.

We provide direct access to resources such as; healthy foods, nutrition, agriculture education, and alternative healing therapies. health promotion, and community resources to meet a person’s basic needs. We assist individuals to go on their own self-care journey to mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Serving in BIPOC communities.

Our Vision

To positively influence the lifestyle and behavioral health outcomes of disadvantaged racial, ethnic and socio-economic populations through health promotion, nutrition, and disease prevention activities.

Our Holistic approach requires a strong team…

Check out these true, caring professionals dedicated to helping you reach your health goals!

Dr. Betty Burston. Ph.D.

Executive Board Member

Betty Burston, PH.D., is Assistant Professor-in-Residence in the Department of Health Care Administration and Policies at the University of Las Vegas, [...]

Dr. Farid Zarif, N.D.

“An expert in the field of nutrition", Dr. Farid Zarif, holds two doctorates. His first is in Naturopathic Nutrition, followed by Human Nutrition Sc [...]

Queen Nina Womack


Queen Nina Womack is a respected, Performing Arts Leader, Festival Organizer, Brand Manager, Holistic Wellness Promoter, Food Activist and Agribusines [...]

Rudolph A. Coleman

Advisory Board Member/Entrepreneurship Instructor

Rudolph A. Coleman is President of Empowering Ideas, LLC, a company that offers business development coaching, speaking, and health care consulting se [...]

Our Partners

Our commitment to reducing Health disparities

Wellness is the key to achieving the best possible quality of life. The integration of physical, mental and spiritual well-being positively affects how we function, feel, and relate to others. Our team can guide you on a rewarding, self-paced path to whole-person wellness.and help you create the ultimate balance across all aspects of your life. Be the best YOU, you can be!

When you visit one of our pop up locations you can expect to receive world-class care. Expert wellness specialists and caring, knowledgeable staff provide you with an exceptional holistic health care experience.

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